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Ancient Mexican Designs=Узоры Древней Мексики

Электронная версия: Загрузить

Вид документа: Електронна книга
Год издания: 2002
Место издания: Amsterdam
Издательство: The Pepin Press / Agile Rabbit editions
Язык: Англійська
Объём: 130 c.
Шифр: 85.103+81.2Англ
ББК: 85.103+81.2Англ
ISBN: 90-5768-

This book contains images for use as a graphic resource, or inspiration. All the illustrations arc stored in high-resolution format on the enclosed free CD-ROM (Mac and Windows) and arc ready to use for professional quality printed media and web page design. The pictures can also be used to produce postcards, either on paper or digitally, or to decorate your letters, flyers, etc. They can be imported directly from the CD into most design, image-manipulation, illustration, word-processing and e-mail programs; no installation is required. Some programs will allow you to access the images directly; in others, you will first have to create a document, and then import the images. Please consult your software manual for instructions. The names of the files on the CD-ROM correspond with the page numbers in this book. For pages with more than one image, the order is from left to right and from top to bottom. This is indicated with a number following the page number, or with the following letter codes: T = t

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