Lugansk State Academy of Culture and Arts named after M. Matusovsky


Details about how to use the electronic catalog search

When searching in the search string entered upper or lower case search terms corresponding to the selected field. (You can enter just the beginning of words, but at least 2 characters).

In the field "Authors" only the names are entered without punctuation. Middle names, initials are not introduced.

In the field "Name" you can enter the full name of a document or part of it.

For best results it is recommended to cut off the end of the search words.

When prompted, the system issues a very large number of entries - recommended detailing a request by using the advanced search.

The advanced search provides a large number of search fields and Boolean operators "and", "or" both within the field and between them.

The system may issue a null result if the request is wrong.

Ordering and receiving documents is carried out only in the library